Feria Festival

Feria Festival takes place in Seville, Spain during the beginning of April. It is one of the most magnificent celebrations I have ever been to. I only went for one day, but during this one day, I was able to see how important the celebration is to the people of Seville.

The fair takes place in a huge section of the city along the river. On the fair grounds, there are two parts. The first part is an actual fair ground with carnival rides, but the second part is where the tents are set up. For miles there are rows and rows of beautiful tents set up with people dancing inside of them. Most tents are private, and you must be invited inside, but many others are free to enter. The tents are beautifully decorated, the outside is often green striped and the inside looks like a small house with detailed wall paper and paintings hanging within. Each tent is also equipped with a dance floor. Here people dance a certain kind of dance, similar to Flamenco. The fair goes from early afternoon to early in the morning, where people eat, drink and socialize he entire time.

One of the most amazing parts of Feria is the dresses. Women of all ages dress in beautiful long mermaid gowns, each with its own design and colors. My pictures hardly do them justice, thus I suggest you go to google and type in Feria Seville dresses and scroll through all of the amazing pictures. I don’t think I saw two dresses that looked alike. I ended up going into the dress shops and they pretty similar in price to what some people pay for a prom dress. The average cost that I found was around 600 euros. The women not only wear these dresses but they also add brightly colored shawls, their hair is perfectly done up, their makeup is perfect and most have flowers in their hair to top it off. The men on the other hand are dressed up in a suite and tie and look very nice as well.

The entire city has an excited energy during the Feria and I wish I was able to go for more than one night. Throughout the city you can spot decorated horse-drawn carriages as well as women and men dressed in their finest outfits. I’ll never forget this experience and my only regret is not taking enough pictures.


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